Phototour «Lake of Jack London. Kolyma» 2017

17 июня 2017 г. — 2 июля 2017 г.

Currently to reach the lake of Jack London alone is impossible, since the time that flood demolished the bridge over the river Debin, through which you need to go on this lake. But you can reach it by the car URAL across the river Debin to the lake Dancing Harious, which is included in the group of the lakes of Jack London. Also there is a camping. Time of our phototour is chosen so that at the lake of Jack London  and others was  ice and at this time it will be blooming a large number of the rhododendrons. This is a time of white nights, the day will be very long and there will be a plenty of amber light. Big Range Anngachak will be covered in the direct rays of the sunset. Interesting, that in autumn it is illuminated only at dawn and barely illuminated at sunset. The valey of the rivers Sibik-Tielleh and Purga will be covered by blue ice.


Day 1 (17th of June) I will meet in Magadan aircraft flown with participants of our phototour. Then we will reach the bridge by minibus (it is about 8-10 hours to drive). We will spend the night in the tents near the river.

Day 2 We will drive 5-6 hours to reach the lake Jack London by the car URAL and we will stop on the high coast of the lake, where we will have evening and morning shootings. After we will spend night in tents.

Day 3 We will reach the plateau, where are situated lakes Dream, Anemon and Gray Gull. Also we will have evening and morning shootings.

Day 4 We will get down the lake (it is about 700 metres to get there and it is important to bring there all products, boats and etc.) and we will wend our way  in the one of the bays of the lake(where we also will have evening and morning shootings). Sometimes there are fog at the break of the day. We will spend at this place two days.

Day 6 We will direct our steps to the upper reaches of the creek Sibik-Tielleh. This day will be the most difficult, because our travel time on foot will take around 5 hours. We will have morning, noontime and evening shootings. There are one of the beautiful places which we will visit during our phototour: blue melting ice on the lake, blooming rhododendrons on the coast.

Day 7 We will continue our tour (about 2 km to go) and we will set up a camp near the beautiful blue frazil (3–4 metres thick) on the lake. There are many beautiful places where we will have shootings.

Day 8 We will reach Stoozerka and spend there one day. This day will be less difficult then Day 6. Lake Jack London is very picturesque with this coast and it adjoins several small lakes. We will swim on the boats to the Kosa Biologov and spend there one night and have shootings early morning. After we will reach by the boats river Purga and spend there one night (also as usual with morning, noontime and evening shootings).

Day 11 (30thof June) We will get back by boats to the start of the lake where we begun our tour.

Day 12 (31th of June) We will leave these beautiful places, pass the river Derbin and get back to Magadan by minibus. We will be in Magadan around 1AM, spend night in the hotel. You will have some time to visit most popular and beautiful places in Magadan and day after (2ndof July) we will fly back to Moscow.


Cloth: warm sweater, warm non-severe jacket, windbreaker, light raincoat, sports cap, pants (like army trousers), socks and warm socks (wool or polartek), headlamp flashlights, gloves, shoes, rubber waders (very important, we will have to pass the rivers, walk on the wet grass).

The rest cloth at your discretion:

  • backpack,
  • sleeping bag (comfort temperature –21 –14°F)
  • a sleeping mat (to put under the sleeping bag)
  • flashlight headlamp with extra batteries,
  • first-aid kit (you must notify guides about your chronic diseases, care of yourself in advance!)
  • personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, washcloth)
  • towel
  • dishes for hiking (bowl, cup, spoon and knife)


You must have your own photographic equipment, reserve batteries (5 or more). You will be able to charge a battery in the camp which is near dancing Harius and another place to charge is a meteorological station on the lake’s Jack London island (you can clarify a list of important items).

Remember, all items you should buy before the tour (in Moscow for example).

If you are not able to carry a backpack by yourself you will have shootings on the lake Dancing Harius, river Purga, Kudinovskie Lakes, Kosa Biologov and Stoozerka. There are a lot of scenic spots.

Daytime temperature is +41 +77°F, nightime +41 +59°F

We will have a breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner(food will be simple as it is in such tours). All participants help with cookong, camping setting, washing dishes and prepare firewood and etc.

Accommodation in the tents and little houses (it depends where we will stop to spend a night).

I will conduct this tour with my assistant. I was on this Lake more then 8 times and I know these places thorough. I know all the best places for shootings  and I will help you to choose subjects and compositions.


The cost of the phototour is 80 000 rubles

The price does not include:

  • Flight Moscow-Magadan-Moscow
  • Hotel in the Magadan
  • Medical insurance
  • Alchogol

Prepayment to book a tour: 20 000 rubles

All participants must comply with all the requirements, guidance and recommendations of the instructor on the route that is associated with the observance of safety regulations.