Phototours «Crimea in Spring. 2018»

17 апреля 2018 г. — 26 мая 2018 г.

Spring is the most amazing time of the year. Everything is blooming, everything comes to life. Crimea in May is a paradise on our earth - everything blooms and smells. In the central Crimea there are huge fields of poppies, in the eastern part of the Crimea tulips bloom.
There are super-fantastic landscapes that will be remembered all my life. At the moment of being in a huge poppy field, moreover, with views of the mountains or the rocky sea, you have a feeling of unreality on one side, and on the other - you realize that you are in the paradise! These feelings will last a lifetime, as the most magical and exciting. The weather in May is stable and sunny, warm.
From the second half of April and the whole of May 2018, I will conduct photo tours around the Crimea. There are only six photo tours this year.


From April 17 to April 24
From April 21 to April 28
From April 28 to May 5
From May 5 to May 12
From May 12 to May 19
From May 19 to May 26

We will visit many places in the Crimea. I was in the Crimea several times, I came to the conclusion that it is best to stay in a guest house in which there is a kitchen. Live in the guest house will be in rooms for three-four people.
We will visit Demerdzhi Mountain with the Valley of Ghosts, Ai-Petri mountain, White Rock mountain, Jasper beach at Cape Fiolent, Cape Lermontov, Novy Svet, cape Kapchik, poppy fields will be photographed in Simferopol district, along the Simferopol-Sevastopol highway;
Bakhchisaray district in the vicinity of the former capital of the Crimean Khanate, in the Belogorsky district. In April we will visit eastern Crimea, where tulips will bloom.
On the mountain Demerdzhi we will drive to the UAZ, we will not go on foot (!) 
During the photo tour, I'll tell you my methods of processing photos and analyze the footage.
Phototours will be held for any number of participants. Photo tours are designed for any age and any physical preparation.


First day. Selimsya in the guest house and immediately leave at 17 o'clock in the Valley of Ghosts. We return to the guest house, dinner, rest.
Second day. Demazdzhi mountain. We will shoot the dawn. The whole day we will take pictures on Demerdzhi and in the beech forest. We take evening pictures and return by car to Alushta in the guest house.
Third day. Jur Jur waterfall. Further we go to the New World at sunset from the Sokol mountain with views to cape Kapchik and surroundings. We spend the night in a guest house in the New World.
Fourth day. Cape of Kara Cape and the surrounding mountains. We return to the guest house, breakfast and go to the White Mountain. On the way we photograph the poppy fields. Evening on the White Mountain. We return to the guest house in Alushta.
Fifth day. Early morning we will go to Mount Ai Petri. We will take pictures of the dawn on Ai Petri. Further we go to Sevastopol through Bakhchisaray, to take pictures of the poppy fields. Selimsya in the guest house next to Cape Fiolent. Evening at Cape Lermontov.
Sixth day. Early rise and will take pictures at Cape Fiolent. On foot we return to the guest house, breakfast, rest. Then poppy fields near Bakhsarai. In the evening we will take pictures on the Jasper beach.
Seventh day. We will take pictures of poppy fields near Bakhchisarai. Return to the guest house in Cape Fiolent.
Eighth day. In the morning we will take pictures of poppy fields on the way to the airport.
In April, the program will be slightly different. A couple of days we will take pictures of the tulips in the bays near Kerch. There will be peonies under the White rock and sleep-grass on Demerdzhi.


The cost of a photo tour is 39 000 rubles. Prepayment of 30%.

Air tickets are not included in the cost of the tour. We will meet at the guest house. The guest house is located in Alushta, 100 meters from the bus stop. If necessary, for those people who do not know Crimea good or from another country, I can meet you at the airport.

To book this tour, you will need:
to send a request to the address:
to write in my facebook page
to call +79161320015


ALL participants in the photo tour help in cooking, wash the dishes with them.
Photographic equipment.
Everyone should have their own photo equipment (you can check the list with me).
Tripod for camping photos.

Trekking shoes, sneakers, slippers, a warm jacket, a windproof jacket, a hat, sunglasses, a light raincoat from the rain, light gloves, a sidon, a flashlight. The rest is up to you.